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The Jesse Anderson Band


The Jade Anderson Band, later renamed as the Jesse Anderson Band had several members over the years.  At the time of the picture above it was Jesse Anderson, Robert Heinze, Paul Manoogian & Greg Watts.  Playing mostly country music and rocknroll at the time.  The band started initially around late 1974 with an entirely different cast of characters except for Jesse and me.  All these songs will always be special to me regardless of who was in the band at any given time.  Going back to the early days it was Jesse with his very charismatic personality and tremendous vocal talents.  He knew more about the business end of music then most people I knew back then.  This enabled us to start working in night clubs and well paid private parties.  The band started around the end of the year 1974.  The beginning of a long time friendship where making good music and having fun was just unavoidable.  Many close friends of mine, including members of the once 'Dirt Cheap' band were also active band members in the very early years, including the late great bassist Larry Grimm.   Some of the members eventually went in other directions and were replaced with newer band members shown above, Greg Watts on bass and Paul Manoogian on rhythm and lead guitar.  Even James Armstrong played lead guitar on several of the live recordings in the night clubs around the early 80's.  Jesse headed up the band with lead vocals, rhythm guitar and yours truly on drums.  I would like to make a special comment about the very first bass player Larry Grimm who started working with Jesse in the mid 70's.  Larry was the one who knew how to put the music together and taught Jesse and I both how to strive for a more professional sound.  He passed away in 1995 and will always be missed along with other departed band member Lenny Hatch, who passed away later in 2003.   Special thanks to Jason & Joanna Frakes for there assistance during the recording process, and of course thanks to all are guest musicians like Barry Allen Honig, J.D. Bender, the late great Bill Harwood and Perry Pineda for his bass playing and technical assistance on many of my music projects. 




Official Site for the Jesse Anderson Band *** hosted by Robert Heinze...


All original music * Jesse Anderson's 'Steal The Thunder' CD

This particular CD was some of Jesse's best work.  This was recorded with his other band while he was in Tennessee and has a great sound and feel, so listen to a few of these songs please!

Jesse Anderson 'Steal The Thunder'

Jesse Anderson 'Tears Fall On The Floor'

Jesse Anderson 'Here's To The Ladies'

Jesse Anderson 'Tennessee Woman'





 Jesse's 'For The Elvis Fans'

It was the last project we worked on together, approximately 1995-97.  Jesse was a big Elvis Presley fan and in the past had done several live shows featuring an Elvis Presley tribute show.  I personally thought he was definitely one of the best, but of course I had a biased opinion.  Jesse wanted this project to be dedicated to all of the Elvis Presley fans, so we decided to record his favorite Elvis songs.  The one big difference was that we had to do it all ourselves.  The main  reason was that financially we could never have afforded to do as many songs as we wanted to do.  The second reason was we didn't have the money...heh, oh did I say that already?  Of course trying to record this project ourselves also gave us total creative control over the sound whether it be good or bad.  I guess these recordings will always be kind of special to me because of the complete control that we had.  The fact is nobody knew better what we should sound like then ourselves.  The downside was the tools were somewhat limited but that did not stop us either, these songs were made on an 8 track analog cassette tape which still provided some descent quality.  Now lets speak about supporters for our cause, I would like to mention one person by the name of Cherokee, she was Jesse's biggest supporter and adopted mother.  She was also a real life psychic and actually did a palm reading for Elvis when she was much younger.  She has since passed away and will always be missed by those who knew her.  The song 'Stranger In The Crowd' was specially dedicated to Cherokee, it was one of her favorite songs.  I do remember Cherokee loved it when Jesse played the Elvis songs.  She always stuck by his side through thick and thin.  I personally wanted to record Jesse's great originals that he wrote but this project with the Elvis songs was something he really wanted to do, so we did it!  We did manage to squeeze one of his original songs "Baby Girl Dreams" in to the mix.  It was recorded and engineered by yours truly and produced by both Jesse and I, along with some added help from his long time love interest Joyce Frakes who plays bass on all these songs so nicely.  Several mistakes in the recording process were made along the way, but we did the best we could with the equipment we had.  Most of them didn't turn out so bad considering they were also re-mastered from poorly EQ'd DAT tapes because the original 8 tracks were no longer accessible!  We put our hearts in to this project and tried to make it the best we could and I believe Jesse feels the same way too.  I think we captured the groove and soulfulness on these songs that made this rock & roll fun to listen to.  Of course we can't sell these songs due to the obvious licensing rights from the Elvis Estate, but when we started this project it was actually only meant to be for close friends and family anyway.  We had a lot of fun trying to get it done though.  Jesse always wanted to do this Elvis cover album for many years, I guess it was long overdue.  Jesse's charismatic personality and rich voice helped make the rock and roll sound young and uncomplicated.  We were able to enlist the help of several friends from past music projects and I am thankful for their contribution.  For the most part this was likely to have been our last music project together, Jesse eventually returned to his home in Tennessee and still lives there.  Well who knows what the future may bring?  Everybody that contributed to this project did an excellent job and I think it shows.  Click on the links below to listen to some of the very cool Elvis and country songs covered by the 'Jesse Anderson Band' with friends. 

Thanks... Robert.


Cool tunes to listen to, click on links below...



'Stranger In The Crowd'

Cover song performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

 (Paul Manoogian - lead guitar)


'Ain't That Loving You Baby' 

Cover song performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

(Barry Allen Honig - lead guitar)

(J. D. Bender - keyboards)


'Susan When She Tried'

Cover song performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

(Barry Allen Honig - lead guitar)


'Welcome To My World'

Cover song performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

 (Barry Allen Honig - lead guitar)


'Don't Cry Daddy'

Cover song performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

 (Paul Manoogian - lead guitar)


'Baby Girl Dreams' 

Written by Jesse Anderson & performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

(Barry Allen Honig featured on lead & rhythm guitar)


'Stranger In My Hometown'

Cover song/music video of the Jesse Anderson Band on YouTube

(Barry Allen Honig - lead guitar)


'Puppet On A String'

Cover song/music video performed by Jesse Anderson on YouTube

(Robert Heinze - drums)

 (Perry Pineda - bass guitar)




'Tears Fall On The Floor'

Never quite completed work on this remake of 'Tears Fall On The Floor'. The original version was included on the 'Steal The Thunder' CD!

Written & performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

(J. D. Bender - keyboards)




* A special thanks to Perry Pineda for helping me so much with producing these songs!







Here is a video from Jesse's 2017 Facebook Page

where I added some drums to the mix for fun...heh!


Jesse Anderson's karaoke version of 'Don't Be Cruel'























Listen to: 'Hotel Room' written by Jesse Anderson

'Paint By The Numbers' written by Jesse Anderson

Note: 'Paint By The Numbers' was our 45' single release by BMI

and our first studio effort perfomed under the name of

the Jade Anderson Band.

The original song 'Hotel Room' was recorded around 1981 in a studio located somewhere in Oxnard, California.  Jesse Anderson on vocals & rhythm guitar, Paul Manoogian on lead & rhythm guitar, Greg Watts on bass guitar & myself on drums.  The song was copied from a very old audio cassette. The tape was also in poor condition, of course I tried to fix it the best I could with the audio equipment and time I had to work with.  Click on the link above to play the song 'Hotel Room'. The separate picture to the right is of our first bass player 'Larry Grimm' who played bass on our very first single called "Paint By The Numbers", originally recorded under the name of the "Jade Anderson Band" with a very limited release on a 45 rpm vinyl record somewhere around the years 1974-75 which is still listed at BMI online.



'Live at Maggie O'Shea's' Camarillo, CA. (circa 1980)

Jesse Anderson - vocals & guitar, Greg Watts - bass guitar,

James Armstrong - lead & rhythm guitar & myself on drums.

'Loved Them Every One' performed "LIVE" by the Jesse Anderson Band...

'The Elvis Tribute Medley' performed "LIVE" by the Jesse Anderson Band...


Click on music links below for some more vintage music from

the Jesse Anderson Band... (circa 1978-1979 approx).

Jesse Anderson - vocals & rhythm guitar * Larry Grimm - bass guitar & backup vocals * James Armstrong - lead/rhythm guitar & backup vocals

Lenny Hatch - guitar & backup vocals * Robert Heinze - Drums * Ron ? (don't remember last name) on keyboards

This material consists of some of the older vintage recordings of the Jesse Anderson Band.  Playing country music with Jesse was a lot of fun and at the same time provided me with plenty of good memories.  The current session of songs are from the infamous Jade Anderson Band before it was eventually renamed to The Jesse Anderson Band, don't ask it's not easy to explain... heh.  The recording quality is some what weak on these songs due the extreme age of the 1/4 magnetic tape.  I still wanted to have a digital copy just the same for myself and maybe for Jesse.  These songs were recorded live roughly around the years 1980-81.  After speaking with Jesse a while back I was informed that these songs were performed at 'Sarna's Lounge' on Venice Blvd. in West Los Angeles.  The picture above was actually taken from our earlier days at a small club called 'The Burning Tree' and the home of our very first steady job playing music three days a week in Santa Monica, California, roughly around 1976-1977.  Larry Grimm was on these recordings and was our original bass player. This is one of the last recordings I believe I have with him playing bass with us.  It was a real pleasure to work with him too.  The piano player Ron acting a bit obnoxious later that night did not see eye to eye with Jesse and that was the last time we played with Ron.  This was also around the time Lenny Hatch stopped working with us.  Next we started working further up north in the city of Camarillo as a duet of all things, just drums and guitar!  Amazingly enough it actually worked out rather well and that's when we re-enlisted Greg Watts and soon after James Armstrong.  Larry Grimm was replaced eventually by Greg due to some re-occurring personal differences.  Jesse continued to work the band successfully in the Los Angeles and Ventura county areas for a few years and eventually re-located to somewhere in Tennessee.  These particular songs were recorded on a 'reel to reel' Teac A3340 (and were 2-track recordings).  The tapes are roughly around 25 years old now... wow!!!  I should have done this a long time ago, oh well, better late then never, hmmm that's debatable too.  James Armstrong, Lenny Hatch, Larry Grimm, and even Curtis Crotzer were all part of the band at one time.  I believe Jesse's biggest asset was his charismatic personality and his deep rich vocals but lets not forget his solid rhythm guitar playing, that definitely kept me locked in on the drums and in the pocket.  We tried to conquer the entire city of Los Angeles way back then, well not exactly but almost...heh.  We did play all over Southern California many years ago and wow what a ride!  We never quite had any big success but there was always plenty of small success here and there and that was very cool.  People seemed to love our live performances.  I was inclined to name this collection of vintage recordings after our first bass player Larry Grimm who started with us at the very beginning of the journey.  I will miss him and Lenny Hatch who also passed away since then... bummer!  So as a tribute to Larry I called this set of songs the "Grimmer Years", Grimmer was Larry's nick name.  However those years were anything but grim, they were more like some of the best times we had.  Well anyway many years later around the 1995 Larry passed away at the young age of 55.  He was responsible for showing Jesse and myself how to put the music together right down to the notes, chords & clever arrangements. Grimmer's guidance gave us a more professional tighter sound and I will miss him as a musician and a friend.  Then there was Lenny, solid rhythm guitarist and one of my closest friends.  Lenny past away around August 2003 and I will miss both of those guys.  I have posted a few of these songs here to check out.  Click on the links below if you are interested, the quality is not that great but the songs have a great energy about them.  So if you are up to it, please listen to a few country cover songs performed "live" many years ago...

'Looking For Love'

'Take This Job And Shove It'

performed "LIVE" by the Jesse Anderson Band.

Robert Heinze... 3/23/2005


These live recordings from around the year 1981

'Hooked On Music' performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

'Red Neck Mother' performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

'My Way' performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

'Funky Stuff & King Of The Jungle Jam' performed by the Jesse Anderson Band

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